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Helmut Sinz studied jazz piano and classical composition at the Richard-Strauss-Conservatory, Munich. In 2002 he won the ‚New Generation’ competition of the ‚Jazz an der Donau Festival’ and the Bavarian Broadcasting with his band ‚Die Firma Happy Madness’ because of the originality of his compositions.

In 2004 he got the Munich Richard Strauss Foundation Scholarship, awarded for ‚…remarkable compositional and pianistic creativity…’.

His actual jazz project is the ‚Helmut Sinz Quartet’. He is teaching jazz piano at the Downtown Music Institute Augsburg since 2001 and school piano techniques (rock/pop) at the Leopold-Mozart-Center of the University of Augsburg (faculty of music education) since 2008. His compositional output covers a wide range of music for film, theater, classical and jazz compositions. Many of his works have been broadcasted on TV and radio. In 2008 he was awarded the ‚Förderpreis Deutscher Film’ for the composition of the film score for the feature film The Red Spot – directed by Marie Miyayama. This film had its world premiere at the Montreal Film Festival 2008 and was brought to cinema in Germany, Canada and Spain. It is also available as DVD in Germany and Spain. 

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