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composition and performance for

•‘Bin weg – Lisa’"; ; short film (silent-film)at ; Director: M.  Kutschmann; jazzy soundtrack; produced 1999 by Academy for Television and Film Munich; the film won a festival-prize and was part of the throughout Europe and‘Next Generation’ short film selection, selected by the ‘Export-Union of the German Cinema’(now: ‘German Films’).

•‘Between Earth and Sky’; documentary film on the Japanese actor and directorabout the Japanese actor and director Yoshi Oida (Director: Marie Miyayama); piano soundtrack; produced 2004 by Academy for Television and Film Munich; the film was shown at the ‚Documentary Film Festival Munich’ in May 2004 and at the ‘Ankara Film Festival ‘ (Turkey) in March 2005

•‘Jiguur – der fliegende Mönch’; 35 min. feature film; Director: Batmunh Suhbaatar; composition of a part of the soundtrack; produced by Walker+Worm Film, Munich, Academy for Television and Film Munich and Bavarian Television 2007; the film was shown at ‘Pusan International Film Festival’ and ‘LUCAS Internationales Filmfestival für Kinder’ (Frankfurt; Germany) and broadcasted by Bavarian Television.

•‘Der Rote Punkt’ (eng.: ‘The Red Spot’); 82 min. feature film; director: Marie Miyayama; piano/accordion soundtrack; German / Japanese co-production ( Producer: Martin Blankemeyer, Academy for Television and Film Munich, Chase Film Co. Tokyo, FGV Schmidle München; sponsored by FilmFernsehFond Bayern); it has been shown at World Film Festival Montréal Canada 2008(world premiere), Hof International Film Festival 2008( Winner of the ‚Förderpreis Deutscher Film 2008’ for camera, music and editing), Biberach Film Festival 2008, Passau International Film Festival 2008 (opening film), Internationales filmfest Braunschweig 2008, Asia Filmfest München 2008, Cairo International Film Festival Ägypten 2008 (Festival of Festivals), Goa International Film Festival of India 2008 (Internationaler Wettbewerb), Chennai International Film Festival Indien 2008, Asian Hot Shots Festival Berlin 2009, Göteborg International Film Festival 2009, cinema start in Germany: 06/2009

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